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 We aim to empower passionate young leaders and arm them with the skills they need to make a positive impact in Bermuda and the world today.

In today’s world, young people often feel like it’s impossible to make a difference. They are reduced to watching adults debate important issues like poverty, employment, education and the environment which will affect them long after we’re gone. But while many young people are referred to as future leaders, they must be reminded that they can also be leaders today. What skills can young people learn now that will prepare them to become better leaders in society in the future?


We offer our Future Leaders a range of meaningful opportunities through study, service, mentorship and empowerment, to develop the knowledge, experience and leadership skills they need to make a positive change in the community. We provide ongoing support and develop partnerships beyond the traditional educational setting which empower students to fulfill their potential as leaders and change-makers in Bermuda and the world.


Future Leaders


since 2017


Co-curricular & Academic Hours

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Community Mentors 

and organisations introduced to students


Minimum Community Service Hours

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Future Leaders Programme

Service | Study | Mentoring & Empowerment


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Field Experiences & Service Learning

Helping the Community

Study Abroad

Future Leaders Overseas


Official Partners & Lead Sponsors

– The Cabinet Office –
Hamilton, Bermuda
Argus Insurance
Hamilton, Bermuda
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Community Partners

Brandon Hall School
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Bermuda Industrial Union
Union Square, Bermuda
The Berkeley Institute
Hamilton, Bermuda
Midland Heights SDA Church
Crawl Hill, Bermuda
Generation Next
Bermuda & UK
Bermuda Tourism Authority
Hamilton, Bermuda
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