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The Future Leaders Programme aims to empower passionate young leaders and arm them with the skills they need to make a positive impact in Bermuda and the world today.

Launched in 2017, our flagship Future Leaders Programme is a summer empowerment course for middle to high school aged students in Bermuda with an interest in service, citizenship, social justice or leadership. For three weeks, students will explore some of the social challenges in Bermuda through various field experiences, seminars, hands-on education and meaningful service to local organisations to develop the knowledge, experience and leadership skills they need to make a positive change in the community.


At the end of the three weeks, Future Leaders are inducted via a closing ceremony and gain access to a variety of exclusive leadership development opportunities.

Registration typically opens in May. Stay up to date by joining our mailing list.

Future Leaders at the Commonwealth

In February 2019, Future Leaders Bermuda made history when it was announced that Founder & Director, Ryan Robinson Perinchief, had been nominated for the 2019 Commonwealth Youth Awards for Excellence in Development Work


The Awards recognise the achievements of young people whose innovative projects are making a significant contribution to their communities and driving change in the Sustainable Development Goals, attracting 500 nominations from 45 countries. From those shortlisted, four regional Young Persons were invited to attend the Commonwealth Youth Awards ceremony in London on 13 March 2019. 

Largely as a result of the work done through the Future Leaders Programme, Ryan became a regional finalist for the Caribbean and Americas Region in the category of SDG #4: Quality Education. This occasion marked the first time a Bermudian had been selected, the Commonwealth confirming that there had never been a regional finalist or regional winner from Bermuda or any Overseas Territory for the Commonwealth Youth Awards for Excellence in Development Work. 


Academic Study

All participants receive a course reader at the beginning of the programme. Our curriculum is set by the Programme Director and is comprised of various government reports, college research papers and various academic texts from both local and international sources.

All reading sessions are combined with a group discussion which challenges participants to think critically and draw their own conclusions using evidence gathered from the data.

Academic readings are supplemented with field experiences, which encourage community interaction as a means of applying theories discussed in class. 

The Programme has partnered with various organisations to help facilitate positive engagement and collaboration between Future Leaders and the local community. 

Our previous partners have included the Salvation Army, the Department of the Judiciary and the Chewstick Foundation.

Field Experiences

Students regularly meet with top executives, community leaders, government officials and public figures to discuss relevant issues and gain a better understanding on a variety of topics, including:

  • Crime and Inequality

  • Life Skills and Mental Health

  • Entrepreneurship and Activism

  • Pre-Colonial History

  • Financial Literacy 

Mentoring and Empowerment




Future Leaders


since 2017


Co-curricular & Academic Hours

per student


Community Mentors 
and organisations introduced to students


Minimum Community Service Hours

per student


Quite a number of issues covered in these 3 weeks are extremely pressing issues within society that have been laid aside...these are core issues which must be addressed in order to maintain a stable society.


I hope this program flourishes to include many more future leaders, whom ever they may be. Many thanks to the staff and supporters.

— Neville Cann, Parent

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